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Publishing Projects


The 8th Try

Included: Printed Book, Ebook, Poster, Bookmark, Amazon and Amazon Kindle


Won Amazon Top Seller within the 1st hour of Book Release


Business Money Matters

Sign a book deal now in over 170+ countries and 60+ Stores. Book currently offered on a mlm platform


21 Ways I Expanded My Reach

Audio Coaching Project

Extreme Focus


How To Make $5K in 30 days

This project is not a book! It’s a coaching guide that consists of coaching strategies, formulas, systems, worksheets, affirmations, resources and partnership opportunities.

Who Got Next?

Book and Audio Motivational

Ghostwrighting project from a retired research doctor of UNC Chapel Hill

This project was done in 2017. I keep it here because Coach Roger Brown is a legend and genius as of 2022 he’s 80 years old, still coaching, overseeing a successful upholstery company whose clientele consists of Nordstroms and impacting entrepreneurs.

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